How about some Pie?

There will be some sort of pies, Karelian pies or ‘piiroita’ on the dinner table if you visit anyone in the villages of Ilomantsi. These pies are called by different names according to the house and customs. The most distinctive characteristic of an authentic pie is the thin and crispy crust. It was said that the crust was thin enough when you could see seven churches through it. Karelian pies spread throughout Finland with Karelian evacuees after the Second World War. These pies have been served in Ilomantsi since the seventeenth century and the town is called the pie center of Finland.

Parppeinpirtti is the only restaurant in Finland in which the pies are made while the visitors are watching. You can even go to the pie-school or ‘piirookoulu’ and learn how to roll dough, crinkle the edges of the dough and bake them yourself. This is as authentic and tasty as pies get.