Restaurant Parppeinpirtti – The Crown Jewel of Karelian Cuisine.

Karelia is located on the border between two cultures and religions and this has resulted in vast and rich selection of dishes. Gifts of the earth, forests and waters have been plentiful. In addition to various grain species, especially cabbage and peas have been grown in Karelia. Formerly only Karelians and the enlightened gentry collected and ate mushrooms in Finland.

An integral part of Karelian cuisine are pies or ‘piiroot’ as they are called in Ilomantsi. The specialty of Restaurant Parppeinpirtti is their pie-corner or ‘piirakkatsuppu’ in which lies their own pie-bakery. There all pies are made by hand and with guaranteed freshness. The starters, such as mushroom-salad, smoked salmon and vinegar-vegetables are all made from fresh natural ingredients. The traditional Karelian cuisine includes a main course cooked in an oven. Karelian meat stew is brewed for a long time period and it served with root vegetables and potatoes, as was traditionally done in Karelia. The meal is completed with a berry dessert. The basis of all dining experiences here is built on hospitality and human interaction.