Karelians celebrated weddings, christenings, funerals, birthdays, harvest festivals and ‘lukuset’. ‘Lukuset’ or ‘lukukinkerit’ were celebrated as children passed their religious examination that took place prior to their confirmation. Karelians were lively celebrators and they renewed the tone of celebrations and social life unknowingly. They added openness and immediacy to all celebrations with their natural demeanor. The atmosphere in Karelian celebrations was different from all other celebrations held in various parts of Finland. Karelians approached strangers easily and opened conversations with anyone. There is a Finnish saying that goes “Karelian funerals are more fun than Tavastian weddings”.

Restaurant Parppeinpirtti is an excellent place to celebrate with your family, hold business events or events with planned programs. The ground floor of the restaurant fits 100 clients and the upstairs holds 60 more. The traditional Karelian buffet can be altered according to the needs and wishes of the client and is always available for celebrations. The setting and decorations are fitted to suit the theme or tone of the festivities. You can also use our program services to reserve entertainment from music to poetry reading in all celebrations and event in Parppeinpirtti.